Maxim’s “gamer girl” competition

Promotional girls for Xbox - making us girls look dumb.

As my American followers will know, Maxim are currently running a “gamer girl” competition. The winner will get a photo-shoot in the magazine and get to represent female gamers everywhere. Will Luton quite rightly wrote a disapproving article on the contest, stating it was showing that, yet again, for females to get ahead they have to take their kit off. And I agree, as you know from my previous posts I hugely disagree with taking your clothes off to get ahead but here’s something that may shock you.

I was going to enter the contest. Naturally, it’s for US residents only so I was slightly disappointed. ‘But you, a feminist, why would you enter!?’ Well, it was mainly going to be an experiment – i.e see how many votes I could get without showing any flesh. But it was also, partly to show what a real girl gamer looked like to the rest of the public. By “real girl gamer” I mean, your average girl next door who plays games, which is what I am. I’m not a model and I never will be, I’m not attractive enough, or maybe I should say, I’m not stereotypically what men find attractive. I’m no Jessica Nigri.

I was voting for someone I support yesterday, a gamer called Starslay3r. She made a youtube video calling out to her thousands of followers to vote for her because she’s a professional gamer (it’s true) who has been, and would be, a great spokesperson and promises not to take her clothes off. I hope this girl wins, I really do because I know she would be the kind of person if, even if she was forced, would flat-out refuse to do bikini shots if Maxim asked her to. At least, I hope she would anyway. If a girl like this wins, who’s fit to do the job and represent us girls properly I will be glad. There are however, a lot of girls on there who are squishing their boobs together for votes, literally. Some girls even have innocent pictures as their main image but when you go into their profile, their other pictures are them in a bikini or pulling down their hoodie zipper to show their boobs. Yes, you have boobs, congratulations so does every other woman here. The problem is, maybe not just with Maxim magazine, but with the girls who enter it who are just as bad – they’re happy to show skin to move up in a contest.

These aren’t the only girls who do us gamers a bad name either. I’m not a fan of Ami Nakajima (obviously not her real name) and Jessica Nigri (who I mentioned before). These two ladies represent certain games at gaming events. Ami represents Wipeout 2048 and Jessica is currently promoting Lollipop Chainsaw. These girls are at these events in skin tight, cleavage boosting outfits. They go out of their way to get male attention, they do ridiculous poses with them and they talk about the games. The funny thing is, when you actually sit down and talk to them, they’re great (well, I can only say this for Ami). She knows all about the game, she works in the industry and she’s, a little too much, obsessed with it. And that’s great! That’s what a female gamer should be but unfortunately when you wear outfits like that, every man in the room is too busy staring at your tits to really care what you’re saying and it makes us girls look crap. We turn up in out jeans and t-shirts thinking – is that the way I should be dressing just to get people to listen to me? The answer should be no.

This isn’t just me being a jealous girl and complaining, if a man can complain about Maxim’s competition, that makes me feel a lot better as a lot of people will see a girl complaining and laugh and say – oh they’re just jealous. This is not the case. A lot of people dislike the term “girl gamer” and I agree it has some negative connotations but I would like those to change. I want a girl, or group of girls, to represent us (and no, not the Fragdolls, please) who are normal girls who play games like any normal man. We don’t need women who look like models, who game in their bikinis or who think it’s sexy to lick a controller, just an average girl to represent us would be great.  Someone to prove you don’t need to show flesh in order to be popular. Is that really too big a request?