The internet’s slut-shaming of the Magaluf girl shows nothing has changed


When I was a kid (yeah, long time ago I know), it was always made obvious that if a girl’s had sex, she’s a slut, but if a boy has, he’s a legend. Now you would have thought that in ten or so years things have changed. Not so, if the recent media coverage of the Magaluf girl is anything to go by.

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last week, you’ll have heard about a young woman who was videoed and shamed for performing oral sex on 24 men. I would usually link a source here, but many of them take the angle that the whole event was souly her fault. That she’s a slut. She’s not a slut. Silly? Perhaps. But it seems evident that she was actually extremely drunk and is a victim of exploitation.

Although now many media outlets have now leapt to defend the girl, at first no one seemed to blame the 24 men involved. When you have sex, or perform a sexual act with someone, that’s drunk, guess what buddy – it’s your fault too! It takes two to tango and having sex with someone that’s almost too drunk to know what’s going on means you’re taking advantage of them. But hey, when you’re a guy that’s not the case right? You’re total LADS instead.

I went on holiday to Tenerife when I was 18 years old with two other females friends. I didn’t really want to do an ‘under 24s’ holiday, so we didn’t. But we did go on a booze cruise. Now I had a hell of a lot of fun on this cruise, but there are a dark side to these activities. First of all, the booze was completely free. It’s cheap, horrible wine and beer. Plus it’s quite likely you’ve already pre-drinked at the bar while you were waiting for the group to assemble – I did. So within an hour, you’ve mixed your drinks and you’re pretty damn drunk.

The cruise I went on was run by two men. Halfway through the cruise they stopped the boat so we could jump off it into the ocean. It was an amazing experience, but the blokes were encouraging the girls to jump in topless. If they did, they’d win themselves a cocktail jug. Now, anyone who knows me would think, Laura wouldn’t do something like this. I’m happy to say, I didn’t, but I was very tempted. Not for the free drink, but because I was drunk and therefore wanted to be a bit daring. To put things into context I am a very sensible person who has never done something stupid when drunk, yet on this holiday I was thinking: ‘hmm, should I enter the wet t-shirt contest for a laugh?’ You get caught up in the atmosphere and I have never been so glad for the sensible part of my personality.

It’s all too easy for young girls to fall into the same trap I almost did and events companies like these take advantage of the dangerous situations they put these women in. Women are turned into sluts within just a few hours, and the boys get to sit back and enjoy it all. In fact, it’s so normal to sexualise girls on holiday, that when I was out clubbing with my friends, a random man and his friend thought it was okay to lift up the back of my dress so he could look at my pants. How violating. How humiliating. I was wearing a long dress that went below my knees too, not that should make a difference of course, but who knows what you may be thinking.

What happened on my holiday pales in comparison to what happens in Magaluf and other, similar resorts. Ever seen ‘Sun, sex and suspicious parents’? That shows further video evidence that young girls are encouraged to get naked, perform oral sex with random men (which is not only horrible, it’s incredibly dangerous) and simulate sex with them.

Going back to my original point, the attitude that boys are studs for sleeping around but girls who do the same are sluts still stands. The stereotype that men prefer sex more than woman (which is of course complete bullshit) still exists too, probably because women are shamed for enjoying sex, especially casual sex. It’s a shame that nothing has changed since I was a child. I can only hope that things change before I have kids.