Why I am really sick of narcissistic celebrities


As a journalist I spend most of my day searching the internet for news stories. Despite the fact not one of the sites I write for is celebrity news orientated, almost every one of my searches brings up stories such as ‘Look at Kim Kardashian’s perfect arse’, ‘Miley Cyrus got naked on the internet again’ or something equally as hideous. It seems that not a day goes by without me seeing a story related to a celebrities own obsession with themselves and because we all lap it up, it rubs off on us.

Selfie was the word of the year last year and no wonder – so many young girls and boys are choosing to post themselves all over the internet. Half naked or otherwise. Everyone wants to be a celebrity. We all seek more Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr followers for some sort of validation that we’re cool, funny, intelligent or simply just attractive. It’s a culture that is slowly getting worse. We are already made to feel that we are imperfect. Just the other day I saw an article on the DailyFail asking – ‘Should you be worried about your thrut?’ (the idea that your bum and thigh merge into one). Quite simply, no, but sadly because we’re told to, we will be.

I am someone that does not usually worry about their weight or what they eat, but recently silly thoughts have been entering my head. I worry that I might be gaining weight (which I’m pretty sure I’m not) or that I am too unhealthy. Whilst the latter might be a good thing to be concerned about, I would quite like to go back to feeling relaxed about my figure instead of being so obsessive. I am also pretty sure I am not alone in this notion either.

Back to my original point – will this celebrity obsession ever end? I suspect not. It does, however, seem to be getting worse. These days, an article featuring images of a celebrity on holiday or taking a cheeky naked selfie of themselves will get more views than anything else. The whole reason why people like the Kardashian’s are even famous is because of the mindless people that obsess over them.

I don’t care which millionaire is currently on holiday with their sexy boyfriend, showing off their perfect bikini body and well-practised pout. Sadly, far too many people do care and will constantly question themselves as to why they don’t look like that.

Here’s the answer: You don’t have a personal trainer, stylist or make-up artist. Now can we please stop praising people’s bodies that they have achieved using money, please?