Why I still love Resident Evil


Ever since Resident Evil 5 came out, fans and non-fans have claimed that Resident Evil has changed. That it’s no longer Resident Evil at all. There’s too much action and not enough survival. I cannot disagree, it has changed but I believe that change is for the better.

Change can be good. Things have dramatically changed since the first Resident Evil on PSone, the graphics have improved, we have better story-tellers, technology has leapt forward and games are much longer than they used to be. Imagine if games companies kept using the same tactics over and over again, no one wants to play the same game twice. When a sequel comes out, we think “what’s different? What’s new?” Which is why games have to keep evolving. Look at Spyro, it was a failing game franchise, doing the same things but worse with each release and then Activision had a great, money making idea for Spyro and it’s popularity has sky-rocketed since. Spyro has been reborn, all due to one fantastic idea. 

It was a similar story with Resident Evil, even gamers now will tell you how great Resident Evil 4 is and how it’s the best in the series. It was different to the previous games, there was more action, more suspense but it still managed to hang onto that horror feel. However, Resident Evil 5 was not given as many praises even though it’s the best selling Resident Evil game of all time. Many felt the African setting wasn’t scary enough, it wasn’t dark enough and I agree but RE can’t keep doing the same thing.


It seems that many fans would rather Resident Evil was constantly set in a mansion, walking down long, dark corridors, waiting for things to pop out at them, but hasn’t RE done this so much already? It’s old school and sometimes old school is good (see the DLC for RE5) but it can’t be done all the time, we would get bored. As much as I love Albert Wesker, if he was the villian in every RE game, I would get bored of him.

RE6 is trying out a lot of new things. It has three stories instead of one, which intertwine and though it will be hard to get right, it will be amazing if Capcom pull it off. There’s new characters, there’s old characters, friends are fighting with each other, new enemies, new inventory system, the list goes on. RE is a series that needs to be kept fresh or it will go as stale as a zombie rotting in Raccoon City. It may have moved away from it’s roots but most games need to in order to survive among the action-packed modern day games.

For me, Resident Evil is still Resident Evil, it has the characters I love, the zombies I like to shoot but with a new twist, something that keeps it fresh. Yes it may not be a traditional RE game any more but I played RE5 to death and if millions of people enjoy playing it as much as I do, who are you to argue otherwise?


4 thoughts on “Why I still love Resident Evil

  1. Agreed. I’ve always loved the Resi games; the original remains my favourite PS1 game, and Resi 4 my favourite PS2 game. I *mostly* enjoyed RE5 – but I found Sheva’s AI to be really irritating. In the final battle, she was *so* stupid that I actually gave up on completing the game.

    But I’ll be there for Resi 6, no question!

    That said, as much as I love the franchise Resi has been overtaken by other games in the genre recently. In the same way that Uncharted improved on Tomb Raider, I found games like Dead Space to be better than Resi 5 – mostly because they stuck to the style of the original Resi.

    Hopefully Resi 6 will get the series fully back on track. I hope so. Still, come next year, I think Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us could easily become my new favourite Survival Horror game.

  2. I love Resident Evil, they’re all great games. But Resi 5 didn’t feel quite right. The others were all scary at many times in the game for so many reasons. Four may have changed a lot, but it was still terrifying. Five tried to be scary but it couldn’t handle it. In fairness getting scary into a co-op game that’s got an arcadey feel to it is no easy task. So I wonder if they’ll manage it with Resi 6, or Dead Space 3 for that matter. Is it possible to make an arcadey co-op game truly scary? Unlikely, but I hope so. I’m sure it’ll be good fun anyway. Resident Evil is always an experience to remember.

  3. Resi 5 was a great game. Better than 4 in my opinion as it kept the sounding changing and gave me more variety other than resi 4’s long arse manshion level. As for not being scary. How many peaple have played it on prof. And with limited ammo. And creeping though the lickers corridoor was a truly tense moment. I realy look forward to resi 6 and know it will have something for all of us to enjoy from old school resi dark and slow moving zombies to resi 5 style biohazards! October cant come fast enuth!

  4. I thought Resident Evil 5 was a really enjoyable game – sure it wasn’t quite up to the standard of 4 but it had a fresh new setting and some decent co-op ideas.

    I’m looking forward to 6 even though I’m not a massive Resi fan. I actually turned the latest trailer off halfway through as I thought ‘you know what? I’m going to play this game, so why not keep the story fresh.’

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