The problem with Prometheus (warning: spoilers!)


Ridley Scott originally said Prometheus was to be a prequel to Alien then he changed his mind and announced it was completely separate to the series but let’s be honest, it’s an origins story. A theory of how humans were created and, more importantly, how the aliens came to be. 

Prometheus is not a bad little sci-fi film. Before seeing it last night I’d heard all sorts of terrible comments and as a fan of (most of) the series, I was worried. The problem one critic seemed to have with it was the film moved “too fast” and the characters didn’t have time to develop. I, however, never felt that. No, the real problem was all the gaping plot holes and unanswered questions the film left like a nasty after taste. 

The first half of the film is rather confusing, not because it’s hard to understand what’s going on but because you don’t know what they’ve found. Which is fine but then the captain of the ship, who, as he says, ONLY drives the ship, comes in and explains to the main character what’s going on. Firstly, how does HE know more than her!? It’s essentially her mission, her work, he is just a driver. It seemed like a random way to explain what was going on to the audience. The synthetic poisons her partner for no other reason that just to “see what it would do”, thus killing him and almost sacrificing the entire mission. It’s made obvious that he is just a curious character but it seems a little off to me that a robot would be so irresponsible. But that’s just me being critical if anything.


Later on, when Elizabeth has evacuated the alien-being inside of her, the rest of the crew just act normally when not five minutes ago they were trying desperately to contain her and put her back to sleep. But now they just stand around ignoring her and think “yeah it’s ok for her to come out with us again”. What!? She’s just given birth to an ALIEN and you’re just going to ignore that. Uhm, ok. Also, at the end when the creator of the humans gives birth to what looks like an early version of the Alien – where are all the others? There were other bodies of the same species with burst chests yet no aliens? Only those strange snake things which are possibly an early form of face-huggers. Do these Aliens come around because the evolve? My boyfriend argued they take on the DNA of whatever they’re inside but if that was true, Elizabeth would have given birth to an actual Alien and not a weird tentacle monster and there would have been more aliens running around but we saw none. IF the Alien at the end was the first of it’s kind then why was there an Alien depicted on the wall of the first room they find? Where did that come from? The strange green rock is also never explained.

Of course the main question you’re left with is “why?” Why did our creators want to kill us and why was infecting us with another life-form a good solution to that? It leaves it open for a sequel which saddens me because Scott really just needs to leave the Alien universe alone now. Perhaps I am too critical or reading into the film too much but you cannot deny there are too many unanswered questions for it to be considered an excellent film. Maybe Scott has just cut out half an hours worth of footage which will appear and explain everything when the inevitable directors cut comes out. It seems though that Prometheus just isn’t enough for us Alien fans. It’s a shame because the characters are great, the acting is superb and the special effects are pretty awesome too. It’s still worth seeing and I did enjoy it but it so could have easily been so much better.

What did you think of the film? Please comment below, I’d love to read your thoughts. 


2 thoughts on “The problem with Prometheus (warning: spoilers!)

  1. best film i,ve seen in a long time! im still very exited about it, effects were amazing and loved the plot

  2. Mr Owen David Godfrey

    I agree about all the plot holes, but the alien birth is the biggest. My feeling is that there is a lot of story missing from the start and then the infection of the partner and subsequent alien birth just don’t fit in. The alien infection serve a purpose in the story, the alien birth and the actions of of David are out of kilter with everything that goes after. The birth is ignored, nobody asks why she is covered in blood and has staples in her midsection, and the fact that David has been revealed as being willing to kill people out of simple personal curiosity is also ignored. In fact, if you watch the film, I’d swear that the remaining dialog in the movie is completely disconnected from the alien birth, and thus I think that that entire scene was added AFTER PRODUCTION BEGAN.

    What I think happened was that when they began shooting, someone looked at the script critically and felt that all the development scenes at the start would slow down the movie and lose the audience, so they decided to cut the early scenes. The movie was now to short, so I think someone else thought “How about we put in an alien birth here.” Alien births are really high-impact and I think they felt they didn’t have anything really scary, so … alien birth.

    Frankly, only parts of the script are what I was expecting, and the start seems too short and that scene (while I admit it really got me) just doesn’t fit with the rest of the script, so I think I am right about this.

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