Are we jealous of Samantha Brick? Not really.


Today, a lady who writes for the Daily Mail (I’ve already ruined her reputation haven’t I?) said that it’s so difficult being beautiful because other women are so mean to her! Why? Because they’re jealous of course!

Let’s just make it clear what kind of woman this Samantha is. She’s the same woman who said she uses her sex appeal to get ahead at work and that any woman with sense should do the same. If that wasn’t bad enough she also said she was “sexually attentive” to her husband so she could go out and splurge his money on make-up and other luxury items. Well ladies and gentlemen, here is the female role model of the month. First of all, using your sexual charms to get ahead at work is just cheap, you should be moving up in the work place because you’re good at what you do, not because you flash your tits to the boss. Secondly, she treats sex with her husband like she’s a prostitute. She does it for money. Not for love or for her own, or his, enjoyment. For money. I haven’t heard anything more shameful.

Let’s get back to the current point at hand though – do women hate her because she’s beautiful? Well no they probably hate her because she uses her gender to get ahead in the work place. Now I’m not one to judge, I’m not a perfect picture myself but that face? That smile? It’s not good is it. It’s not attractive. No, if she does supposedly get attention from men like she says she does, it’s because she tries so hard to. Almost any man is going to admire a blonde in a short dress with her boobs out. That’s just a fact. Maybe they don’t even admire it, but godamn it’s distracting (even I can be distracted by cleavage and I have boobs). 


In my experience, women who say other women hate them because they’re attractive, say it to make them feel better about themselves. Those kinds of women go out not wearing much, tits out, arse out and they take the dirty looks to mean “they must be jealous of my awesome body”. Well no, when I see a woman dressed like that I’m not jealous. I like my body thank you very much, it’s not perfect but just because it’s pretty good doesn’t mean I want to show the world that. I actually look at those women and think you must have self esteem issues or I feel ashamed on behalf of them, on behalf of my gender. If I’m genuinely jealous of a woman’s looks or body I will say so out loud because I don’t bullshit and I speak my mind. I’m honest.

So women, next time you wonder why other women dislike you, take a look in the mirror. It’s more likely to do with the way you live your life, and not your looks. My gender is a naturally jealous bunch but I’d like to think it’s not always about looks.


One thought on “Are we jealous of Samantha Brick? Not really.

  1. Don’t think she looks very pretty, unless it that she’s just not photogenic.

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