Oh I wish I was a poet

He wasn't the most handsomely man but Poe was a great word smith

About a week ago, I went to the cinema with my boyfriend to watch the film The Raven, a film about a murderer killing people in the style of Edgar Allen Poe poems. Naturally, his poems were quoted throughout and it made me realise that I’d forgotten how talented the man was with words. I wish I had that power over words too.

Now I am a writer, a fairly good one I like to believe but the poets are the ones that hold the gatekeeper keys to the power of vocabulary. Poetry may seem old fashioned now to young readers, when I took a poetry module in university, I thought I was going to be bored stiff but actually I very much enjoyed it in the end. It gets you to focus on the words you use and their meanings – something most of us don’t do in our day to day lives. It’s what makes some writers great, although admittedly some over do it.

When I wrote poetry…it wasn’t that great, some people said they liked some of my poems but I don’t believe I have a natural talent for poetry and even though my passion was in my work – my teachers agreed with my analysis of my ‘talent’. If you want to read my bad attempts at poetry you can do so hereIn fact my best pieces were the couple of erotic ones I did (which you can’t read without signing up to the website unfortunately).

My writing is simplistic (feel free to tell me otherwise if I’m wrong!), I don’t tend to over write or use fancy words – I get to the point. Of course, not all good poetry has to be beautifully descriptive, I realise that, but I admire those who can write in such a way as I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. I’m okay at coming up with the few, odd witty phrases I guess, otherwise I would be a boring writer but to have something “quotable” would be lovely.

It’s like song lyrics. I love simple song lyrics that either sound beautiful to me or make me think. One of my recent favourites is “Follow your heart until it bleeds” from the amazing Evanescence purely because I believe people should do that – follow your passions and follow your love until you can’t bear to any more and that one line just sums up that feeling. Today I’ve had Robbie William’s “Superblind” stuck in my head. I was a fan of his last album, all but one song was written by him and some of his lyrics are very poetic. He’s a talented guy whether you’re a fan or not. In particular the line “What will they think if they think about me?” has been rolling around inside my mind. It’s not a great line, it’s not particularly poetic either but it makes me think. I’ve have always thought about how I will be remembered when I die, will I have made some impact in such a big world? Or, will people not think about you at all.  A part of me has always wanted to leave her make on this Earth, which is almost impossible but still part of me dreams to be widely known, even if just souly on the internet.

It sounds silly but I hope you see what I’m getting it. It’s a great talent to write something that makes people think, that people can themselves connect with and I hope I do that, even if I can’t do it with poetry. If I don’t – I’ll just have to improve won’t I?


2 thoughts on “Oh I wish I was a poet

  1. Sure you’re a great writer. You grabbed my attention from start to finish! Sir Poe is a legend in his field. I wish I could write like that too 🙂

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