I find mental illness facinating

It may sound weird, or perfectly normal, I’m not sure which, but mental illness really does fascinate me. I enjoy reading or listening to the struggles people have had with depression, addiction or a mental illness (there are so many). Maybe like poets or writers say, there is something romantic about being sad, I think that’s sort of true but at the same time it’s utter hell. I’ve never been unfortunate enough to suffer from depression but everyone at some point has felt depressed. They are two different things but share similarities.

Maybe it’s the complexity of the human brain that fascinates me. The way it all works, or doesn’t work. Why and how. It’s amazing stuff that we probably will never fully understand. Our brains can’t understand our brains. Weird huh. I also admire people who are open about themselves. Some people are too open, I worry I am like that sometimes, so some things I only open up to when asked directly. I am not ashamed of much. But people who can openly talk about the problems they have suffered or do suffer are incredible. It’s inspirational when you are going through a bad time and there’s somebody saying: “hey don’t worry, I’ve done through worse, you’ll be okay.” At the time it’s a bit harder to appreciate such advice but when you come out the other side, their support means the world to you.

I’m sure some people will dislike me for saying this but I could never agree with executing someone for being a murderer or paedophile. After all, aren’t they just suffering a form of mental illness? Being a paedophile isn’t always some sick, twisted horror story in which a heartless old man victimises children. Sometimes it’s just someone who can’t help how they feel. Imagine what it would be like to be in that situation, to have to stay away from certain people because you’re afraid you might hurt them. Of course most argue there’s a difference from having these feelings and acting on them, and I agree to some extent. But how many of you have had sex with someone because of the urge to, even though you knew it was a bad idea…?

Murder or rape is rarely random, it’s usually by someone you know. Something has gone bust in their head, or they were always missing that certain screw. Either way, these people need to be treated, not executed. It’s scary to think these kinds of people could be living next door to you one day, as we only hear bad stories on the news of “once a paedo, always a paedo”, we don’t hear the prositive stories where these people have been reformed. Still, I don’t agree with parents who demand ex-paedos living nearby should be exposed. I understand you want to protect your children, but how can you expect them to live a normal life if you isolate them or kick them out of your neighbourhood? Every neighbourhood has children.

I have digressed from my previous statement but this blog is just a place for my thoughts and I have shared them with you. Mainly to get out of writing an essay about two memoirs. If I am so fascinated with mental illness, maybe I should have taken psychology. Not sure I would have made a decent psychologist though.